Squad Busters Tier List 2024


Squad Busters Tier List takes the field games on the mobile platform to a new level offering an engaging blend of strategy and action. With a ever-growing collection of characters, creating the right team isn’t easy. Don’t doubt the other Busters! This vast list of ranks gives you all the information you need to become the top of the line.

Understanding the Squad Busters Tier List:

Squad Busters Tier List

The Tier List classifies gamers based on their performance in various game formats. This is the structure of three levels:

  • S-Tier They’re at the top of the Squad busters. They are famous for their injuries as well as their endurance and effectiveness that makes them an asset to any lineup of group players.
  • A-Tier These players in this category are very solid and are able to be extremely successful in specific places. They could make up a strong team, together with S-Tier players.
  • B-tier Good choices but they could require certain teams or methods to ensure successful play. They focus on providing some damage and have utility, however they don’t have the power or impact as the upper levels.
  • C-Tier These characters are able to be utilized in a variety of circumstances. Though they may have their own unique applications however, they are not the most effective with the majority of circumstances.

The S-Tier Powerhouses:

Squad Busters Tier List
Archer QueenWith high HP and 140 damage points, she enhances the attack speed of all ranged units and can occasionally fire explosive arrows. She can recover health when not moving.
Barbarian KingThis character has the most HP in the game and deals 145 damage points. He has the ability to heal himself when not attacking and provides a boost to all melee units in the squad.
BeaShe can inflict a massive amount of damage and summon bees to harm anyone who enters her range.
WitchShe’s a powerful attacker capable of dealing 230 damage. With her ability to spawn skeletons, no enemy will be too difficult to defeat.
TankIndividually, she’s not exceptional, but when paired with other tanks, she becomes incredibly resilient. Additionally, she delivers a massive blast that deals significant damage.
  • Barbarian King An actual force on the frontline, and truly a frontline strength The Barbarian King is a formidable warrior who has incredible strength, an impressive attack together axes and the capacity to fight within a specific area. The Barbarian King is an expert at dealing damage and eliminating large quantities of enemy.
  • archer queen Queen of Combat From afar, she launches unstoppable archers that destroy enemies from far. The ability to appear invisible gives a dimension to her tactical abilities.
  • Tank It’s a huge machine, which is a complete barrier. The high defense as well as the powerful cannon makes it difficult for opponents to tackle. In addition it has self-destruct capabilities, making it feasible to play hard games.
  • Hog Rider A swift bruiser, Hog Rider is an extremely fast-moving bruiser. Hog Rider cuts through enemy lines and inflicts massive injuries to a single target. Hog Rider’s ability Hog Rider to keep clear of obstructions lets it reach critical locations swiftly.
  • Penny Captain of the pirate is an incredibly resourceful captain. The cannon fires devastating shots, and an incredibly formidable mortar turret. It could offer additional lasting damages as well as potential bursts.

The A-Tier All-Stars:

Squad Busters
MaxShe can speed up the entire squad, enabling them to reposition and flank the enemy during combat.
MortisIn his third form, he can revive up to four defeated monsters to fight alongside you.
Hog RiderAlthough he’s a frontliner, he’s not the strongest tank, but he can gain a significant speed boost when running through a bush.
MedicThis healer can inflict a nice amount of damage and has a lot of HP. He will do a great job at keeping your units alive.
ColtHe can deal a ton of damage, especially with his Bullet Storm ability.
HeavyHe’s a super tanky ranged character and he can shoot faster when standing still. Trust me, he will be your top choice in drafts.
  • El Primo: Another great tanking possibility, El Primo offers an incredible close-range combat with heavy attacks and very high level of health. El Primo’s super jump makes a wonderful option for rearranging your game.
  • Witches The master at summoning spells. She can create the skeletons of enemy defenders to take them down. Her healing aura is also a boost to the survival of your team.
  • Barbarian: A traditional warrior Barbarian provides consistent melee damage and also provides protection to nearby allies.
  • Heavy: A carry-in weapon. Heavy is an incredibly powerful weapon thanks to the minigun he has. Heavy can also shield, that gives him protection.
  • Mortis The skilled assassin is adept for taking important targets out with the speed of his movements and ability to take life. But, it is essential to have a skilled player in order to make his capabilities the fullest extent.

The B-Tier Specialists:

BoHe doesn’t have much HP or damage potential, but he excels at dealing PVE damage. He can help you acquire blue boxes more quickly, which will speed up the development of your squad.
WizardHe can deal AOE damage and has an extra spell slot that can really bolster your squad.
PamA capable healer that can excel when paired with the Wizard.
ShellyShe’s a great ranged character with a special ability that can deal additional damage.
NitaShe can be a good defender, but she truly excels once fused.
BarbarianHe can deal significant damage, is tanky, and is an all-around solid character. When paired with another Barbarian, he transforms into an elite unit.
Battle HealerShe boosts your squad’s health based on her fusion level, but unfortunately, she doesn’t provide ongoing healing.
  • Nita The young warrior who has been killed and her bear Bruce provides a mix of ranged and melee attacks. But their strength of attack is less than those of higher levels.
  • Colt: The gunslinger with a rapid draw Colt provides reliable and effective damage at a distance. But, his inability to strike in a zone of impact is what makes him ineffective when combat swarms.
  • the Trader It is a mysterious character that shoots explosive barrels and hurls destructive explosions. Invisibility is an excellent feature to use in attack on surprise, but it is also an act of tactical coordination.
  • Shelly: An amazing shotgun-wielding superhero, Shelly excels at close-quarters combat. However, her inability of separating her self can cause problems in certain situations.
  • “Royal King”: A regal warrior is seen throwing gold punches, and is able to punch in a large zone of impact. Yet, the amount of damage he can deal and his health levels are lower than that of the other S-Tier players.

The C-Tier Considerations:

CharacterBenefitUse Case
GoblinCoin SupplierFarming coins for early upgrades
GregResource GathererCollecting wood and emeralds in the early game
Royale KingNot RecommendedHigh fusion cost outweighs benefits
ChickenTurbo Boots SupplierFaster movement speed boost (niche use)
El PrimoEarly Game TankBasic tanking and crowd control for beginners
PennyTreasure HunterLocating hidden treasure for additional resources (map dependent)pen_spark
  • Dynamike The dynamite-throwing allies have an area of effect damage. However, attacks are involuntary and can self-harm.
  • Pam: A healing therapist who is supportive, Pam is able to keep her friends healthy through with the turbine. Her lack of offensive power can render her an inactive choice.
  • Chicken is an agile bird. release eggs which explode. It is a risk to the environment and its rate of survival are very low.
  • Goblin Goblin is an playful beast which has a blast-thrower. However its effectiveness is skewed due to its small damages and its low overall health.

Beyond the Squad Busters Tier List: Additional Factors


It’s important to recognize the fact that the tier list serves as an initial source of information and isn’t the definitive phrase on the truth. Here are several other things you should consider when you are establishing your team.

Squad Busters
  • Game Modes: Different game types employ specific strategies to work desirable. For instance, in the case of Heist as an example. Heist may require a single target damage player, while Boss Brawl could be able to benefit from players who have attack ranges that are area-of-effect.
  • team synergies The character types that compliment each other’s strengths may end up destroying the other.
    • Player Skills Certain characters require more training to master than different characters. Select characters which match your style of play and level of ability.
    • Levels and Power-Ups The ability of a character to be enhanced can significantly rise the efficiency of the game.
  • Explore and modify: Don’t be afraid to experiment with different combinations of characters and strategies.
  • The training is the most important factor to achieving perfection: The more you test certain characters you’ll learn to discern their strengths as well as weakness.
  • Learn about the Maps Being aware of the design and layout of each map can benefit to collect a strategic advantage. Use choke points and cover points to increase your chances of success.
  • Communications are crucial: Coordinate with your coworkers to exchange resources, identify your opponents and implement strategies for winning.
  • The pros watch The talented Squad Busters athletes broadcast their games online. Study their techniques and methods. They are accurate.


Squad Busters Tier List is a fun game with a wide range of gamers. If you are aware of the benefits of each player, take a look at extra elements and use these suggestions to succeed and tips and you’ll soon be in the stage of creating an unstoppable team and battling teams that aren’t yours. Keep in your mind that practice, adaptation and collaboration are essential to become an Squad Busters Champion.

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