A ONE PIECE GAME FRUIT TIER LIST: The vast universe of A One Piece Game offers the thrill of a pirate adventure that lies at the center of the pirate’s power Are The Devil Fruit. The mysterious fruit offers you amazing abilities, however it’s expensive as well as can be a challenge to plunge. Making the right choice for the appropriate Devil Fruit can be the most important factor to overcome the ocean & becoming Davy Jones’ locker bait. If you want to recieve from making this decision, this list analyzes the advantages & disadvantages from the different varieties of Devil Fruits accessible in The One Piece Game.



The listing of levels in our list of tiers classes Devil Fruits like on their effectiveness across all kinds of games like PvP (Player against Player) fights, as well as PvE (Player combating the other) items like grinding mobs as well as solo gameplay. Below is the levels to choose from:

  • S-Tier The infamous HTML0 results with amazing performances regarding the damage they cause, their endurance, as well as durability. They can be seen at the top areas that the player can play.
  • A-Tier Fruits that are of longevity & reliability, in addition to having superior offensive & defensive abilities. They are an ideal asset for any players.
  • B-Tier Excellent choices. However they may require specific methods or team setups to unlock their full potential. They bring sufficient damage & could be utilized for utility purposes, however they don’t have the same power the higher levels do.
  • C-Tier The fruit can be a situational fruit. Although they could have a place in the market they are generally ineffective with the majority of situations.
  • F-Tier Fruits to steer clear of. Fruits with poor health benefits are often not without serious disadvantages.
TierDevil FruitDescription
S-TierOperationUnclear power, but considered the best in the game.
PawHealing and life-stealing abilities.
MagmaManipulation of magma for offensive power.
BuddhaUnclear power, but grants exceptional durability.
PhoenixRebirth and fire manipulation.
RubberStretchy body for close-quarters combat.
A-TierIceManipulation of ice for slowing and ranged attacks.
LightHigh speed, destructive lasers, and negation of some Devil Fruit weaknesses.
LightningManipulation of electricity for damage, mobility, and AoE attacks.
QuakeEarth-shattering attacks with immense destructive potential.
DragonUnclear power, but likely grants immense strength.
DarkNullification of other Devil Fruit powers within range.
FireManipulation of fire for strong AoE attacks.
B-TierMagnetManipulation of magnetism to attract or repel metal objects and enemies.
MochiManipulation of a sticky mochi-like substance for stretching, attacks, and trapping.
SmokeTransformation into smoke for intangibility and some offensive capabilities.
VenomPoisonous touch for damage over time.
GravityManipulation of gravity for some strategic maneuvering.
StringManipulation of strings for ranged attacks, controlling enemies, and defense.
C-TierSandManipulation of sand for ranged and close-quarter attacks, terrain manipulation, and resource gathering.
ChopTransformation into a two-bladed swordsman for close-quarters combat and resource gathering.
BombTransformation into a walking arsenal with self-detonation and explosive attacks.
D-TierBarrierCreation of invisible barriers for exceptional defense.
InvisibleInvisibility with no offensive or defensive capabilities.
GasUnclear power, but likely not very effective in combat.pen_spark

The S-Tier Legends:

  • Gura Gura no Mi (Tremor-Tremor Fruit) Accessible by the powerful Whitebeard this fruit offers players the power to cause enormous earthquakes. It’s extremely damaging to PvP as well as PvE. It’s a effective weapon for fighting.
  • Pika Pika No Mi (Light-Light Fruit) The power of light is available right at hand this fruit is packed with amazing speed, powerful lasers, & is able to overcome numerous flaws in Devil Fruit. Its flexibility can make it an effective weapon that can be used in any situation.
  • Magu Magu no Mi (Magma-Magma Fruit) is an opportunity to transform into an active volcano! Fruit allows you to modify the magma in order to create flames & provide the player incredible offensive power. When it comes to PvP it’s a very effective weapon for close-quarter combat. Furthermore, using the AoE (Area of Effect) method of combat is one of the most effective strategy in PvE fights.
  • Yami Yami No Mi (Darkness-Darkness Fruit) The intention is to allow yourself to take pleasure in the splendor of dark! Fruit is capable of limiting another power within the context of. While it doesn’t have particular abilities for attacking the enemy, its power is unbeatable in battle royale as well as PvE. It’s a powerful weapon that can change the game.
  • Goro Goro No Mi (Lightning-Lightning fruit) can channel the power that is the wind! fruit can change the electrical charge, & could bring high damage mobility as well as AoE-based attack. The versatility of the fruit & its strength in offensive play are the perfect choice for any type of game.

The A-Tier All-Stars:

  • Mera Mera no Mi (Flame-Flame Fruit) is able to transform into an active fire! fruit can control flames & delivers one of the most potent AoE attack & an incredibly powerful end. While not quite the same like Magu Magu no Mi, this is an excellent game for PvE as well as efficient for PvP.
  • Hie Hie No Mi (Ice-Ice Fruit) It could bring enemies from falling from falling to the ground! Fruits can modify the shape of ice. It could be utilized to slow down, defend powerful attacks, & protect an increased distance. It is useful when fighting in PvP as it allows the control of crowds. The fruit is helpful during fights in PvE with massive numbers of adversaries.
  • Suna Suna no Mi (Sand-Sand Fruit) Ability to manage the desert Sands The fruit lets users to modify Sand. It permits distances as well as close-quarter attacks, & also the ability to generate Sandstorms that can alter the look of. This is a great weapon for PvP because of its versatility. It is a great weapon to use for gathering players in PvE.
  • Ito Ito no Mi (String-String Fruit) Develop the abilities to become a master of puppetry. This fruit lets you manipulate strings. It provides a distinct combination of combat capabilities as well as the ability to manage enemies & the surrounding area in addition to being able to guard. Although mastering the art is a long process however, the variety of applications it offers makes an ideal option for the person who is.
  • Mochi Mochi no Mi (Mochi-Mochi fruit) to stretch & bounce to win Mochi-Mochi is controlled with an extremely sticky substance similar to mochi. It offers amazing stretching capabilities & powerful counterattacks & the ability to entrap opponents. This innovative method lets players to become proficient in PvP & PvE.

The B-Tier Specialists:

  • Gomu Gomu Not Mi (Gum-Gum Fruit): While it’s not as dangerous like the other fruits of the S-Tier however, Gum-Gum Fruit is a good choice because of Gum Gum Fruit’s large range of flavors & emphasis on close quarter fights is a great option for players with experience playing PvP.
  • Bomu Bomu no Mi (Bomb-Bomb Fruit) Make yourself an armor to protect your body! fruit lets the player transform their entire body or a portion of their body into a weapon by self-detonation, explosive attacks & also the ability to make bomb-clones. Though it’s dangerous, it gives the highest chance of being injured when playing in PvP. Additionally, it can be useful for PvE fights that allow players to take on huge teams of enemies.
  • It’s the Supa Supa no Mi (Sharp-Sharp Fruit) will sharpen your mind. This fruit’s ability lets people transform their bodies into blade that is razor sharp. This is a formidable weapon for combating close-quarters in PvP. It’s also efficient in absorbing sources from PvE. Combat is not able to be fought with distance can cause problems.
  • Doku Doku no Mi (Venom-Venom Fruit) The fruit can poison your adversaries with the fruit’s insides! It offers the player a like an ointment that allows them to fight any kind of harm. Although it’s not an best offensive weapon, the ability to make enemies weaker makes sense in the context of PvP as well as PvE. This is particularly relevant in battle against bosses that have more HP.

Bari Bari no Mi (Barrier-Barrier Fruit) can be transformed into unbreakable wall! The fruit can make invisible barriers that offer greater defense. While its offensive abilities may not be as effective but its capability to limit damages could prove useful in PvE material that is based on teams & can provide advantages when it comes to PvP defense.

The C-Tier Considerations:

  • Nikyu Nikyu no Mi (Paw-Paw Fruit) Rekindle your relationships & benefit the lives of others by extending. They live longer. This fruit can heal & has the ability to take the vitality of a person. Healing is beneficial in sports of teamwork, however it is possible that stealing lives is a risk & may would not be advisable.
  • Beta Beta, No Mi (Sticky-Sticky Fruit): Get your enemies stuck! This fruit releases an emulsifying substance that can draw opponents in as well as other items. This fruit can be utilized for managing large groups during PvP. To collect the resources needed to play PvE but its general efficiency does not appear to be as strong.
  • Jake Jake No Mi (Wolf-Wolf Fruit) It can transform into the appearance of Wolf Wolf The fruit gives customers the possibility of changing into a Wolf as & also increase speed, agility & as improved senses. It also has the ability to move & attack, however it’s not as efficient. The effectiveness of the fruit is similar to the other Zoan fruit.

The D-Tier Fruits to Avoid:

Beli Beli & Beli Beli & (Money-Money Fruit) Changes into live money! It can be transformed into money & allow the user to use it for spending, & even accepted by other people. There are some amusing qualities but doesn’t grant any abilities to fight & is therefore essentially unusable.

Suke or Suke but Suke & (Invisible-Invisible fruit) You can become invisible The fruit gives an illusion of being invisible to the user. While it is beneficial, it doesn’t offer advantages to being able to attack or defend, & must be employed with care in order for maximum effectiveness.

Beyond the Tiers: Additional Factors


It’s crucial to understand that lists of levels deliver the foundation to compare, but they’re not the most accurate representation of actuality. There are more aspects to take into consideration before making a decision. Devil Fruit:

  • Gameplay: Do you prefer close-quarters fighting, various forms of combat or the manipulation of the strategy? Select a fruit that matches the way you like to play.
  • group composition Certain types of fruit can be used to work with other fruits. Think about the fruit you choose could affect the performance of your entire team.
  • personal preference: Some fruits may be considered “better” but don’t resonate with your preferences. Pick a fruit that you think is delicious & enjoyable to consume!

Final Words:

The One-Piece Game provides an extensive selection of Devil Fruits with distinct benefits as well as disadvantages. If you’re familiar with the various levels & thinking about more factors, playing with various fruits can set you on the way to slaying the oceans, becoming your very own pirate! Remember that what fruit you’re looking for will depend on your game style, players you’re on & your the personal preferences of yours. Look into possibilities & discover your Devil Fruit that grants you legendary ability!

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