Anime Defenders Units Tier List 2024


Anime Defenders Units Tier List: Welcome, anime fans. In this comprehensive yet compact guide, we take an exhilarating journey through the Anime Defenders Unit Tier List’s intricacies while shining light on some of its mightiest guardians across multiple realms. Get excited as we reveal these captivating champions whose strength defines strength in this captivating universe of anime.

Understanding Anime Defenders Units Tier List:

Anime Defenders Units Tier List

Anime Defenders Units Tier List categorizes units based on their overall effectiveness across various game modes. Here’s a breakdown of rankings:

  • S-Tier: These top of the line items stand out with impressive damage output, survivability or utility – making them invaluable assets to have at your fingertips.
  • A-Tier: These units pack an incredible punch while remaining highly reliable, though perhaps not reaching S-Tier dominance they still perform admirably in most scenarios.
  • B-Tier Characters: These reliable characters excel at specific team compositions or early game progression, which may require specific strategies in order to fully shine.
  • C-Tier Units: While having some niche uses, higher tier characters could outshone these units for effectiveness. investing significantly might make these more efficient units worthwhile.
  • D-Tier Units: While emotional attachment may exist, these units often struggle in today’s meta.

Factors Considered When Ranking Units:


For your reference, here are the primary criteria we considered when ranking units:

Anime Defenders
  • Damage Output: Rapid destruction is essential in high-difficult content environments.
  • Survivability: Protective buffs such as high Health Pool (HP), defensive bonuses & self-healing features all make an important contribution.
  • Utility: Support units who heal, buff allies or debuff enemies can be game-changers. crowd control abilities also fall under this category.
  • Synergy: How well a unit fits within the overall strategy is crucially important – bonus effects triggered with specific allies may increase effectiveness even further.
  • Accessibility: Ease of acquisition for players is also considered, while evolving lower-tier units could even bring out some hidden gems that become indispensable in battle.

Dominating Battleground: S-Tier Anime Defenders Units Tier List

The S-Tier represents the creme of Anime Defenders universe characters. Here you will find those with exceptional skill who excel at most situations. these highly sought after individuals often reign supreme.

  • Skull Warrior (Bleach): With formidable damage output & healing powers, this top frontline fighter stands out.
  • Flame Dragon King (Attack on Titan): Fiery devastation unleashed by this unit makes him ideal for clearing enemy waves with area-of-effect damage capabilities.
  • Sukuna (Jujutsu Kaisen): As the master of cursed energy, Sukuna strikes powerful physical strikes to inflict incredible physical damage upon enemies while disrupting them with his unique abilities.
  • Sharpshooter (Sword Art Online): As an elite ranged attacker, she excels at dealing high levels of damage consistently from a safe distance. Uchiha Madara (Naruto) is known to utilize powerful jutsu techniques that deal tremendous damage & dominate battleground control – ideal for taking down priority targets quickly.
Anime Defenders Units Tier List
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UnitLevelAoEDamageSPARangePlacementDPS per UnitDPS Total
Flame Dragon God56Medium Circle1630073243029 (WITH BURN)12110 (WITH BURN)
Sharposhooter60Medium Circle17424739424899956
Chance King60Big Circle44363939249299858

Stalwart Defenders: A-Tier Anime Defenders Units Tier List

The A-Tier features consistently reliable units capable of withstanding various circumstances:

  • Genos (One-Punch Man): As the flagship character from One-Punch Man, Genos provides the ideal mix of offense & defense – making him a reliable frontline fighter.
  • Meliodas (Seven Deadly Sins): Renowned for their powerful counterattacks & damage buffs, Meliodas excels at sustained battle.
  • Izuku Midoriya from My Hero Academia stands out for his damage- & support-oriented abilities, making him an essential team player. Saber from Fate Series excels with single target damage as well as battlefield control using powerful Noble Phantasms that provide additional advantages on battlefield control missions.
  • Levi Ackerman from Attack on Titan embodies agile fighting capabilities with incredible damage output & mobility – perfect for quickly eliminating high-priority targets. Establish a Balanced Squad by Comprising B-Tier Units
UnitLevelAoEDamageSPARangePlacementDPS per UnitDPS Total
Esper57Medium Circle12508638420858340
Thunder Hokage50Big Circle205211029420528208
The Gamer60Small Line31420831239287856
King of Curses60Small Circle23473934326087824 (Without Bleed)

B-Tier Anime Defenders Units Tier List


B-Tier: Units within this tier excel when placed into specific team compositions or early game progression strategies. Look out for synergies between them & units from S-Tier or A-Tier core classes. prioritise those units for early consideration.

UnitLevelAoEDamageSPARangePlacementDPS per UnitDPS Total
Elf Hero60Full AoE279281128325397617
Skull Paladin56Large Line15007854418767504
Carp60Full AoE318701334324527356
Ant King60Big Circle198951126418097236

C-Anime Defenders Units Tier List

These units serve a specific niche use but may be outshone by higher tier models. Consider evolving them if there’s strong potential or sentimental value therein.

D-Anime Defenders Units Tier List

Although certain lower-tier units might hold personal significance to you, objectively speaking they find it challenging to compete. Keep an eye out for developer updates which might reinvigorate them. for more details refer to Mastering Elements: Team Composition & Evolution Strategies
Cultivating the Ultimate Team


This list serves as a useful starting point.

however, true mastery lies in creating teams with synergistic capabilities. Here are a few considerations:

  • Damage Type: For optimal combat results, make sure your team’s damage output includes physical, magical, & elemental attacks to counter enemy resistances effectively.
  • Team Roles: Be sure to include damage dealers, tanks, supports & crowd-control specialists within their ranks so as to respond effectively in various battlefield situations.
  • Leader Skills: Emphasize leadership qualities which improve individual unit types or give your entire team advantages.
  • Evolve Your Potential: Upgrading Units.

Many units in Anime Defenders possess the potential to grow over time & maximize their power potential. Here’s how you can unlock their full potential:


Focus on Evolve Lower Tier Units: Although lower tier units might seem underwhelming at first, developing them further may unlock hidden potential & turn them into valuable assets.
Prioritize Based On Team Needs: Evaluate Which Evolved Unit Would Best Complement & Address Team Weaknesses Material Gathering: Diligently Collect the Necessary Evolution Materials in Different Game Modes/Challenges

Maintain a Current Tier List

Anime Defenders

Anime Defenders’ universe is ever changing, introducing new units & balance updates regularly. Here are a few ways you can stay abreast of all this progress:

  • Official Developer Updates: Stay abreast of official announcements regarding unit buffs, nerfs & any additions or revisions by developers.
  • Community Resources: Be active online communities or content creators as these can often discuss meta developments & provide invaluable insights.
  • Personal Experimentation: Don’t be shy to experiment with different unit combinations & strategies in order to discover hidden synergies & discover what suits your playstyle best.


Be mindful that the Tier List is just a guide, not an inflexible rulebook. Experiment, adapt & prioritize units which complement your playstyle & team composition for best results. With careful planning, strategic evolution & experimentation you will assemble an unstoppable squad ready to conquer Animeverse with success.

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