Wuthering Waves tier list for your best characters


Wuthering Waves tier list: Emily Bronte’s “Wuthering Heights” features characters who surge like waves across its tempestuous landscape, each carrying their own weight and force. We explore this tale’s core by categorizing characters not by morality but narrative impact – from Heathcliff’s brooding intensity to Cathy’s delicate presence, each draws us deeper into its web of emotions and motivations – in our Wuthering Waves Tier List we make sense of these turbulent waters with ease, charting characters’ rise and fall like experienced sailors do so much of it all through “Wuthering Heights”.

Start planning now for an extraordinary journey through love and loss – where each turn brings to light an uncharted aspect of human behavior and literature’s lasting ability to move us all!

Wuthering Waves tier list

Understanding Criteria for Selection In Wuthering Waves tier list


Wuthering Waves’ Tier Lists focus largely on characters’ combat effectiveness in current endgame content, particularly Tower of Adversity (ToA). Similar to challenges found elsewhere such as Genshin Impact’s Spiral Abyss, ToA presents players with numerous enemies at once and necessitates team compositions and strategies of all kinds if success is to be found here. Here’s what tier lists typically take into consideration:

  • Damage Potential: Damage potential is of great significance in game. How much punishment can a character deliver against powerful bosses as well as waves of weaker foes (AoE)?
  • Utility: Certain characters bring more to the table than just raw damage; healers, shields and those possessing elemental reactions can have an immense effect on team survival and overall performance.
  • Team Synergy: Not all characters are created equally, some excelling as primary damage dealers (Main DPS) while others excel as supporting characters (Sub DPS) by buffing allies or activating elemental effects. Tier lists often consider which combinations complement one another well.
  • Ease of Use: Some characters require intricate rotations or precise positioning in order to unlock all their capabilities, while others offer simpler playstyles; therefore, Tier lists may take this factor into consideration, particularly for newer players.
Wuthering Waves tier list
S-tierCalcharo, Jiyan
A-tierBaizhi, Danjin, Encore, Mortefi, Rover (Spectro)
B-tierJianxin, Sanhua, Yangyang, Yuanwu
C-tierAalto, Chixia, Lingyang

Wuthering Waves tier list:

Most tier lists divide characters into various tiers, from those considered “superior” such as SSS to lower tiers such as B or C. Here is what each of the Tiers typically signifies:

SS/S Tier:

These characters represent the cream of the crop – character with high damage potential, exceptional utility features and strong team synergy that excel in all situations, providing powerhouse teams a formidable foundation to operate from.
Tier One Performers are outstanding damage or utility performers with some limitations that might impede their fullest potential; such as being less versatile or needing specific team compositions to truly shine.

Wuthering Waves
Jiyan5-StarAeroBroadbladeJiyan is one of the highest DPS characters in Wuthering Waves, so it’s a helpful bonus that he has a very easy playstyle with both AOE and single-target damage capabilities. This makes him playable in almost all combat scenarios, but just keep in mind that you need to make sure to activate his Resonance Liberation as often as possible to get the most out of his kit.
Calcharo5-StarElectroBroadbladeWhile Calcharo is an excellent DPS attacker (one of the best in Wuthering Waves, in fact), you really need to study his kit to achieve his huge damage potential. This involves executing near perfect combos while taking advantage of ‘swap cancelling’, the trick of swapping to another character to stop his combat animation playing to work some more damage into your rotations. Calcharo is only as good as the person playing him.

A-tier characters

Wuthering Waves tier list
Baizhi4-StarGlacioRectifierBaizhi is a great healer and attack buffer who you get for free just by playing through the story of Wuthering Waves. As a bonus, she can even protect an ally from dying once you unlock her sixth Resonance Chain. The only issue with Baizhi is that she’s not Verina. If you need another support across multiple teams, however, Baizhi is a top pick!
Danjin4-StarHavocSwordFor a 4-Star, Danjin does an amazing amount of damage, and can help you clear even the toughest endgame content. However, she’s a high risk, high reward type of DPS, as Danjin consumes her own health as part of her kit. If you’re good at dodging, parrying, and reading enemy attack patterns, then you’ll probably really enjoy Danjin’s speedy, berserker-type playstyle.
Encore5-StarFusionRectifierEncore is a great ranged and melee hybrid DPS whose kit revolves around activating her Resonance Liberation as often as possible for huge burst damage. She’s a pretty easy character to play and understand, but as of launch, she doesn’t have the best sub DPS or support options. If characters who synergize with her better are added, however, Encore would become one of the best DPS characters in Wuthering Waves.
Mortefi4-StarFusionPistolsMortefi is basically the king of 4-Star attack buffers, especially if paired with a main DPS who uses heavy attacks in their rotations (like Jiyan). Even without a heavy attacker on the team, Mortefi provides useful buffs with his Resonance Liberation. Keep in mind that even though Mortefi is very useful at Resonance Chain 0, he has incredible Resonance Chain upgrades that make him even better.
Rover5-StarSpectroSwordYou need to upgrade the Spectro Rover’s Resonance Chain to unlock their true potential, but as you get their Wavebands for free, this isn’t much of an issue. While the Spectro version of the Rover doesn’t really excel in any one role, they are a great support option due to their Outro Skill stopping time for a short while, buffs to Spectro teammates, and for their healing abilities.

B Tier:


Although B-tier characters still offer some value, they typically produce lower damage output or utility than their A Tier counterparts and require significant investment to become effective.

Wuthering Waves tier list
Jianxin5-StarAeroGauntletsOn her own, Jianxin is perhaps the hardiest character in Wuthering Waves, as her kit has everything she needs to stay alive solo. However, this is a downside when it comes to building teams, as she doesn’t offer enough support, or her own personal DPS numbers, to help allies, or excel in an attacker role. Jianxin isn’t a bad character, it’s just that there’s no real synergy for her in the current roster.
Sanhua4-StarGlacioSwordSanhua’s value lies in her incredibly quick field time, building up Concerto Energy with speed, allowing her to activate her Resonance Liberation and Outro Skill often to increase her own damage potential, as well as provide attack buffs for allies. However, there is a catch to this, as you really have to pay attention to Sanhua’s unique Forte Gauge bar, as it requires you to time her hits at the right moment, as displayed on the bar.
Yangyang4-StarAeroSwordYangyang’s Outro Skill provides Concerto Energy for the next character, which is very useful for those who rely on building this Energy for their unique damage and buff potential. She can also group mobs of energy with her Resonance Liberation. These are useful abilities, but not the most useful, which is why we don’t rate Yangyang higher.
Yuanwu4-StarElectroGauntletsYuanwu offers Vibration Strength depletion with his Outro Skill, helping you Immobilise enemies, but the main appeal of Yuanwu is his Electro sub DPS capabilities. Generally, you’ll want to activate his Resonance Skill as often as possible to create a Thunder Field that deals Electro damage when allies hit a target. This is useful, but we think the general attack buffs other supports provide are more useful than this bonus Electro damage.

C Tier:

Characters in this tier tend to struggle in the late game and require careful team building or specific situations in order to be truly useful.

Aalto4-StarAeroPistolsAalto’s Outro Skill buffs Aero damage, so he’s a decent ally for your Aero attackers, but apart from this, his kit is sorely lacking. You need to create Gates of Quandary with his Resonance Liberation in order to shoot through them to increase Aalto’s DPS, but even this doesn’t bring his damage potential up to the heights of other DPS or sub DPS characters. He does have a very speedy and slick playstyle, but this isn’t enough to make him a contender amongst the best supports or sub DPS characters in Wuthering Waves.
Chixia4-StarFusionPistolsChixia is a ranged character who needs to spend a lot of time on the field to get the most out of her kit. Both of these reasons make her very easy to play, but to the detriment of your team’s overall damage. While Chixia might not be your first, second, or even third pick for teams, you can use her if you just want a breezy time speeding through the story content – we just don’t recommend adding her to your Tower of Adversity teams if you can avoid it.
Lingyang5-StarGlacioGauntletsPlacing a 5-Star so far down on our tier list might seem harsh, but Lingyang’s kit makes him a very awkward character to play. You need to activate Lingyang’s Resonance Liberation to get the most damage potential from him, but doing this makes him fly. That may sound cool (and it certainly looks cool), but it’s actually incredibly hard to manoeuvre and fight like this. He also doesn’t do as much damage as other 5-Star DPS characters, so we only recommend using Lingyang if you really like the flashy looks of his flying attacks.

D-Tier Characters:

Characters in the D-tier typically struggle in endgame due to limited damage output or utility capabilities; it’s essential that we consider this factor carefully:

Taoqi4-StarHavocBroadbladeThere just isn’t really a place to slot Taoqi in Wuthering Waves right now. She boosts Resonance Skill damage with her Outro Skill and grants shields as part of her Forte Circuit, but apart from this, Taoqi doesn’t really do anything else that others can’t do a lot better.

Important Considerations:
Tier lists offer great insights, yet it is essential to remember they should not be seen as infallible guides. Here are a few key considerations when using such lists:

  • Team Composition: While having strong Tier List characters might seem ideal for any team, each should consider whether the character fits well into its existing roster and playstyle.
  • Constellations and Weaponry: Tier lists typically evaluate characters at their base level (S0). But some characters can unlock their full potential through higher constellations or specific weapons that increase their chances of victory in battles.
  • Content Focus: If your goal is not the highest difficulty endgame content, lower tier characters that you enjoy playing could be equally viable choices.
  • Future Updates: As Wuthering Waves evolves with each character release and balance change, its meta (most effective tactics) may change with every snapshot taken by Tier Lists. Finding Your Perfect Tier Lists

With so many resources at our fingertips, selecting an adequate tier list may seem like a daunting task. Here are a few suggestions:

Search reputable sources: Look for websites or content creators known for their in-depth knowledge of the game and ability to assess character performance. Consider update dates: As games evolve continuously, make sure the tier list you refer back to represents its current version.
Read the analysis: Don’t just depend on tier rankings alone to make decisions; look to see why each character was placed where it did in your tier list. When Building Your Team:
Once you understand tier lists better, how can you leverage your knowledge to form an effective team? Here are a few steps:

Determine Your Content Objectives (CFoAs)

  • Analyse Your Roster Ascertain What Kind Of Content Your Focus Is (CCIs), Do You Require A Single Target DPS Player Or An AoE Clearer Or Are You Seeking An Expert Healer Incoming
    By Assessing What Characters Exist Already And Their Skills And Weaknesses I/Will
    Consult Tier Lists: Use tier lists as a resource to select characters that will fill any holes in your team composition.experiment and Refine: Don’t hesitate to experiment and refine different combinations until you discover one that suits your playstyle best.

Beyond Tier Lists: Additional Factors for Success Tier lists provide a great starting point, but mastering Wuthering Waves requires taking more into consideration than following its S-tiers alone. Here are a few additional aspects you should keep in mind when building your team:

Understanding Character Roles:

Wuthering Waves characters often possess more specific roles beyond DPS, Sub-DPS, and Support categories. Here are a few:

  • Main DPS (MDPS): Your main source of damage in combat; responsible for dealing the majority of it. Sub-DPSs (Sub-DPSs) are meant to complement this role by dealing additional damage during their downtime or initiating elemental reactions that trigger off other players on your team.
  • Enabler: Characters who set reactions or buffs up for your primary damage dealer to maximize their effectiveness. Breaker: Players skilled at breaking enemy shields or interrupting attacks – crucial skills when fighting specific enemies.
  • Healer Characters: Key components in keeping your team alive and active; especially important when encountering challenging content.
  • Elemental Reactions: Wuthering Waves utilizes an elemental system similar to many gacha games where combinations of certain elements cause powerful reactions that can significantly boost damage output. Understanding these reactions and capitalizing on them when building teams will significantly increase damage output and can even result in winning rounds! Popular examples are as follows.
  • Vaporize: Combining Hydro and Pyro for maximum damage output. Melt: Utilizing Cryo and Pyro for even further amplified effects. Electro-Charged: Employing Electro and Hydro for continuous damage over time, while Superconduct combines Electro and Cryo to decrease enemy Physical Resistance.
  • Resonance: Wuthering Waves offers a bonus system called Resonance that activates when certain number of characters from one element join your team, offering bonuses like increased elemental damage or extra buffs that add another level of strategic team building.


Tier lists provide an effective means of navigating Wuthering Waves’ vast character pool, but by also considering factors beyond them – team synergy, elemental reactions, resonance and character investment – informed decisions can be made and your team built with care to excel both in current meta and also meet individual playing style needs – remember, your most powerful team should always be one you enjoy playing and are capable of mastering!

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