Noita Perk Tier List For July 2024


Noita Perk Tier List: The delightfully chaotic roguelike in which each pixel is simulated, throws a brutal gauntlet at gamers. To continue to exist the depths of this unforgiving international, learning spells & wands is only half the war. Perks, everlasting buffs scattered at some stage in the caverns, provide essential blessings that could make the difference among victory & a fiery dying.

However with over a hundred perks available, navigating this treasure trove may be overwhelming. This tier listing aims to be your spelunker’s guide, categorizing perks based totally on their ordinary impact & usefulness. Recall, noita gives a large array of playstyles, & the “exceptional” perks can range depending for your method. This list serves as a start line, highlighting perks that consistently offer a widespread side.

Noita Perk Tier List

Noita Perk S-tier:


These perks are universally useful & may drastically improve your survivability & offensive capabilities. Prioritize grabbing them every time you encounter them.

  • Immunity perks: immunity to elements like hearth, poisonous fumes, energy, & lava is helpful. These factors pose steady threats all through the game, & immunity lets in you to explore previously perilous regions with impunity. All immunity perks fall under this class.
  • Speedy recharge: this perk drastically reduces the cooldown time among spell casts. Rapid recharge helps you to unleash a relentless barrage of spells, making it a boon for competitive playstyles & boss fights.
  • Glass cannon: glass cannon doubles your wand harm output, turning you into a pitcher cannon (pun intended). At the same time as it makes you greater fragile, the sheer offensive strength it offers is plain, particularly when paired with robust wands.
  • Phial of recuperation: phial of recovery lets in you to replenish your fitness flask with positive beverages, imparting a crucial supply of self-preserve.
  • All hallow’s eve: this perk offers brief invisibility after taking harm. All hallow’s eve gives a precious escape mechanism, allowing you to reposition or heal after taking successful.
Noita Perk Tier List
Melee ImmunityYou take no damage from close-range enemy attacks.
All-Seeing EyeRemoves all darkness from the world, revealing the entire screen.
Item RadarYou can sense nearby items, including health pickups, spell refreshers, potions and items.
Fire ImmunityYou take no damage from fire.
Oil BloodYou bleed fast-burning oil, but are immune to fire.
Extra HealthGrants 50% extra maximum health.
Stronger HeartsIncreases HP gained from Extra Max Health and Large Extra Max Health pickups.
Permanent ShieldYou gain a small, permanent shield.
Concentrated SpellsYour spells have lower spread by 25 degrees and extra damage by 12.5 points, but have increased cast delay by 2 frames.
No More ShuffleAll carried wands have shuffle set to off and most future wands generated will be non-shuffle.

Noita Perk A-tier:

Those perks offer extensive advantages in numerous elements of gameplay. Even as not quite essential, they could greatly decorate your possibilities of fulfillment.

Noita Perk
  • Harm resistances: just like immunities, resistances to elements like acid, poisonous fumes, & strength offer precious protection without whole immunity. Acid resistance, poisonous resistance, & electric immunity fall below this class.
  • Shot accelerate: will increase the speed of your projectiles, making them more effective at hitting brief enemies & enhancing common damage output.
  • Haste: presents extended movement pace, allowing you to navigate the caverns more correctly & stay away from enemy attacks with more ease.
  • Wand fill up: replenishes a part of your wand’s prices after defeating an enemy. This perk is tremendous for extending the lifestyles of effective wands & reducing reliance on finding new ones.
  • Extra hp: simple but powerful, extra hp will increase your maximum fitness pool, supplying you with more respiratory room in risky conditions.
  • Trigger spells: perks like energy charge (solid a spell upon taking harm) & constantly solid (robotically casts a particular spell) can upload powerful software or offensive options in your repertoire.
Wand RadarDetects nearby wands.
Toxic ImmunityYou take no damage from toxic sludge and other toxic things.
Tinker with Wands EverywhereEnables the editing of wands outside of the Holy Mountains.
Electricity ImmunityYou take no damage from electric shocks.
Homing ShotsAll your spells home towards enemies very slightly.
Strong LevitationYou can fly 100% longer.
Extra LifeUpon death you respawn with 100 health.
Slime BloodYou bleed slime, but slime no longer slows you down and you have higher projectile resistance by 25%.
Critical Hit +Increases critical hit chance all of the player’s spells by 10%.
Faster WandsReduces the reload time and cast delay of all held wands by 20% + 5 frames, and increases their mana charge speed by 30.
Extra PerkYou will find an extra perk in every Holy Mountain.
Trick Blood MoneyBlood money is dropped when death is an accident.
Revenge TentacleYou summon a monstrous tentacle upon taking damage, and gain 25% resistance against projectiles.

Noita Perk B-tier:

These perks offer blessings that can be beneficial in precise situations or for certain playstyles. Their usefulness relies upon in your universal construct & approach.

  • Malicious program fascinating: makes worms friendly closer to you. Trojan horse captivating may be a mixed bag. While pleasant worms can provide a few protection, they also can be unpredictable & bulky.
  • Teleportitis: this perk randomly teleports you upon taking harm. Teleportitis may be a lifesaver if it teleports you faraway from risk, but it is able to additionally be a curse, landing you in a worse situation.
  • Perk lottery: presents a random perk upon taking harm. Perk lottery adds an detail of playing to perk acquisition. While it can be rewarding, the randomness won’t constantly be for your desire.
  • Nuclear fission: this perk triggers a nuclear explosion upon demise. Nuclear fission may be a “scorched earth” tactic, eliminating the whole lot around you in a final act of defiance. It is a high-chance, excessive-praise perk.
  • Level bypass: this perk teleports you immediately to the following stage. Degree pass can assist speed run or pass hard areas, but it additionally means missing out on potential loot & demanding situations.
Noita Perk Tier List
Projectile Repulsion SectorProjectiles that fly into a small sector in front of you get blown away.
GreedYou gain 2x gold per nugget.
Gold is ForeverGold nuggets never disappear.
InvisibilityGrants the player an infinite Invisiblium effect.
Teleportitis DodgeYou teleport a short distance away when an enemy projectile is near.
PhasingProjectiles seemingly phase through you with a 50% chance, but increases damage taken by projectiles and explosives by 33%.
Plague RatsEnemies that die near you spawn hungry rats that no longer attempt to harm you.
VampirismYou lose 25% maximum health, but can replenish health by drinking blood.
Bouncing SpellsIncreases spell lifetime by 60 frames and makes them bounce 3 more times.
Unlimited SpellsMost spells are unlimited.
Extra Wand CapacityAdds 1-3 spell slots to every wand you’re carrying.
Contact DamageEnemies near you take damage; the damage is higher the lower your health gets.
Wand ExperimenterFiring newly found and unmodified wands heals you.
No More KnockbackEnemies can’t knock you back.
Healthy ExplorationEvery time you visit a new area, you regain 60 health.

Noita Perk C-tier:

  • Gold to health: converts gold pickups into health. Gold to fitness may be marginally beneficial early on, but health will become much less of a concern as you acquire better restoration alternatives.
  • Midas touch: turns enemies into gold upon kill. Midas contact shares a few similarities with gold to health, but the gold era is regularly negligible as compared to the fight advantages of genuinely defeating enemies.
  • Explosive immunity: grants immunity to explosions. While explosions can be risky, different threats are regularly more familiar.
  • Much less lag: reduces lag because of immoderate debris & outcomes. Less lag may be helpful on low-stop machines, however for most gamers, the overall performance development won’t be massive.
Noita Perk
Spatial AwarenessIf you stop for a moment, you can sense your location relative to the Mountain.
Iron StomachYou no longer suffer from negative effects of eating.
Summon SädekiviYou gain an artefact that allows you to call the celestial rage.
Spontaneous GenerationVomit near you evolves into helpful rat minions.
Rage-fueled LevitationKilling an enemy makes you replenish some of your levitation power.
Mournful SpiritDying creatures leave behind a spirit that deals damage in a small area.
Hungry GhostSummons a happy minion who’ll eat enemy projectiles.
Gas BloodYou bleed flammable gas instead of blood.
GambleYou gain two random perks.
Fungal DiseaseWhen near danger, you sprout fungal growths.
Fungal ColonySlime near you spontaneously turns into fungal creatures.
Eat Your VegetablesYou gain more damage the more satiated you are, but you start losing health if your stomach is empty.
CordycepsFungal creatures spawn from the corpses of enemies killed by you.
Close CallYou gain additional chance to deal critical hits as long as there are enemies near you.

Personal Plasma Beam
You constantly fire a devastating plasma beam, but you fire spells much slower.

Noita Perk D-tier:


Those perks come with drawbacks that outweigh their ability advantages. Keep away from them unless you’re specially going for a mission run.

Noita Perk
  • Continually solid: even as constantly forged may be beneficial, accidentally casting a powerful spell at the wrong time can be disastrous.
  • Solid no shuffle: prevents spell shuffling when selecting up new wands. Forged no shuffle may seem attractive for consistency, however the ability to conform your spells to the situation is frequently more precious.
  • Horrific experience: this perk randomly applies positive or bad consequences to you upon getting into a new stage. The terrible consequences can be crippling, making this perk of venture you are unlikely to win.
  • Assignment wands: spawns a random, regularly difficult-to-use wand upon coming into a new degree.

Undertaking wands may be an exciting novelty, but the unpredictability & capacity drawbacks outweigh the benefits.

PinpointerYour spells fly faster and have lower spread, and you have a handy sightline for aiming.
Kills to ManaEvery time an enemy near you dies, you release mana-recharging liquid.
Peace with GodsYou make peace with your gods.
More LoveCreatures in the world are more friendly to each other.
More HatredCreatures in the world are more aggressive towards each other.
Extra Item in Holy MountainAdditional item in every shop you haven’t visited.
Projectile DuplicationYour projectile spells have a chance to duplicate, but you’re more vulnerable to projectile damage.
High Mana, Low CapacityYour currently held wand loses half its capacity, but gains more mana.
Always CastAdds a random spell as “Always Cast” to the equipped wand.
Faster ProjectilesYour projectile spells fly faster than before.
Low RecoilRecoil caused by your spells is greatly reduced, but your spells fly slightly slower.
Extra Knockback on SpellsYour spells knock enemies back more.
Attract GoldGold nuggets gravitate towards you.
ElectricityYou’re immune to electric damage but metal and liquids electrify around you constantly.
HomunculusEvery time you leave a Holy Mountain, a helpful homunculus is summoned.
BreathlessYou can no longer drown, and can move in liquids with ease.
Trick Blood MoneyBlood money is dropped when death is an accident.
Faster LevitationYou levitate 75% faster.
Faster MovementYour movement speed is increased.
Never Skip Leg DayYour kicks deal extra damage and knockback.

Do not forget:


This listing is a wellknown guideline. Test & discover what perks work satisfactory in your playstyle.

The holy mountain & black market provide opportunities to reroll your perks. Use this strategically to gather the perks you in reality need.


Noita is a whirlwind of unpredictable factors & lurking risks. even as this perk tier listing equips you with precious information, remember the fact that the genuine key to mastery lies in experimentation. don’t be afraid to try exceptional perk mixtures, adapt your strategies based totally at the situation, & include the wonderful chaos.

Noita offers a substantial playground for spelunking creativity. proportion your very own perk tier list studies & techniques inside the remarks beneath. allow’s assist every other navigate the depths & emerge successful, one pixelated explosion at a time.

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