Attack on titan revolution codes July 2024


Attack on titan revolution codes: Attack on Titan Revolution puts humanity’s fate precariously close to collapse as we face off against titan menace. As members of Scout Regiment, our duty is clear: defend dwindling civilization against titan invasion using both conventional weapons as well as strategic codes which unlock bonuses that might increase chances for survival.

At our last bastion of hope – towering walls which protect us – warriors stand united. Resolute, we stand prepared to face overwhelming odds using courage & the codes hidden within the game itself as weapons against unwavering odds. This blog post serves as a guide through this perilous terrain by providing insight into how Attack on Titan Revolution codes could reverse humanity’s fortunes.

Attack on titan revolution codes

What is Attack on Titan Revolution?


Attack on Titan Revolution is an addictive Roblox game inspired by the critically-acclaimed anime series Attack on Titan, where players assume the roles of Scout Regiment members tasked with eliminating monstrous Titans which threaten human existence. Action awaits quickly thanks to ODM gear which allows fast movement while providing strategic maneuvering against these terrifying foes for maximum damage output.

As you play more, new characters, gear & abilities will open up for you to customize & become an efficient Titan slayer. However, to maximize & elevate the gaming experience even further, Attack on Titan Revolution codes become invaluable tools.

What Are Attack on Titan Revolution Codes?

Attack on Titan Revolution codes are exclusive alphanumeric sequences released by their developers that, when redeemed in-game, may provide players with valuable rewards – for instance:

Attack on Titan Revolution Working Codes(July 2024)

Attack on titan revolution codes
MEMBERS150K30 Spins (NEW!)
MEMBERS175K30 Spins (NEW!)
LIKES80K40 Spins (NEW!)
UPDATE1SOON2 JJK Crates, 2x XP boost (30 minutes) (NEW!)
LIKES70K40 Spins and 1 Anime All Stars Crate
LIKES60K40 Spins
MEMBERS125K2x Gold boost (30 minutes), 2x Luck boost (30 minutes)

Attack on Titan Revolution Not working codes now

LIKES50K40 Spins
MEMBERS100K2x Gold boost (30 minutes), 2x XP boost (30 minutes), 2x Luck boost (15 minutes)
DEVCODE1200 Spins
LIKES45K3 Anime All-Stars Crates (JJK edition)
MEMBERS90K30 Spins
PLAYERS20K2x Gold boost (30 minutes), 2x XP boost (30 minutes), 2x Luck boost (15 minutes)
MEMBERS80K35 Spins
LIKES40K40 Spins
FOLLOWERGI9994,000 Gems
MEMBERS70K50 Spins
LIKES35K50 Spins

Spins: Available as in-game gacha system to give players an increased chance at unlocking characters, powerful weapons & resources; Gold: Used for upgrading characters & equipment in order to become even greater Titan slayers
Experience Boosts: These temporary boosts accelerate your character’s experience gain, helping them level faster & unlock new abilities & skills quicker than before. In addition, certain codes might provide extra resources such as crafting materials or cosmetic items for use on characters.

Steps for Redeeming Codes in Attack on Titan Revolution:

Redeeming codes in Attack on Titan Revolution is an easy & straightforward process – simply follow these steps!

Attack on titan revolution
  • Roblox offers Launch Attack: Titan Revolution for playability on its platform. When opening this game, locate & click on the Settings or Gear icon from within its main menu – depending on which interface your game uses – in order to open up a drop down menu that contains various settings available to you for customizing gameplay settings.
  • Locate the “Codes” section; this could vary depending on how your game operates; type in an Attack on Titan Revolution code into its designated text field exactly as written with any capitalizations & special characters (if needed) then press a “Redeem” or similar button to complete this step.
  • How Can You Accumulate More Attack on Titan Revolution Codes? Once a code has been submitted successfully or not, an onscreen message should verify whether your submission was valid or invalid & display further instructions as to how you may achieve additional Attack on Titan Revolution codes.

Attack on Titan Revolution’s developers distribute codes using different methods;

here are a few strategies you can follow to stay updated:


Stay updated with Attack on Titan Revolution by following its official social media pages such as Twitter, Facebook or Discord. In addition, join online communities dedicated to AotR R that often discuss newly issued codes.
Be alert for gaming websites & YouTube channels dedicated to Roblox content; many content creators keep an eye out for new codes to share with their audiences. In-game announcements could contain such codes; sometimes developers release them via messages or pop-ups in-game.
Why Are My Attack on Titan Revolution Codes Not Working?

Why an Attack on Titan Revolution Code might not Work:

Several issues could contribute to it not functioning, including:

Expiry Date for Codes: It is common knowledge that all codes have an expiry date; please make sure the one you are redeeming still meets it before redeeming it. Incorrect Entry of Code: When inputting your code, double check you entered all capitalization characters or special characters correctly including capitalization & special characters where applicable.
Once Redeemed: Certain codes can only be redeemed once per account & will no longer work after they’ve been used. Case Sensitivity: In certain instances, codes require exact entry of both uppercase letters as well as lowercase ones in order to function correctly. Can I Achieve More Rewards Without Codes?

Way to Get additional rewards

  • Missions & Challenges: The game provides numerous missions & challenges which reward you with resources, experience points or even character shards.
  • Stay Aware: Developers often host events that offer exclusive rewards just for participating. Keep an eye out for such occasions to take part & gain invaluable items!
  • Daily & Weekly Rewards: Don’t overlook daily & weekly rewards! Simply logging in each day & completing tasks gives you valuable resources over time.
  • Climbing Leaderboards: Conquering leaderboards not only confers bragging rights but can unlock special incentives & perks for top performers.
  • Socialize & Join Forces: Working alongside friends or joining a guild enables you to tackle more challenging content while reaping additional rewards through cooperative gameplay.



Attack on Titan Revolution offers an engaging & exhilarating experience for fans of anime as well as action game enthusiasts alike. Mastering ODM gear, takedown strategies for Titans & attack on Titan Revolution codes will accelerate your progress & enhance gameplay experience.

By adhering to our advice above – & staying alert for new codes when they arise – following them could put you well on your way towards becoming one of Scout Regiment’s formidable Titan slayers while earning respect as a serious force against all opponents! Never give up in battle versus all opponents; keep fighting them off until all are defeated!

Some more code to make game easier:

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