Mastering Shooting Stars in Animal Crossing: New Horizons: Full Guide


Animal Crossing: New Horizons‘ charm lies not only in its endearing villagers and idyllic island lifestyle, but also in the magical details that fill it with wonder. One such marvellous detail is seeing shooting stars dance across your night sky! These streaks of light have the power to grant wishes; with some proper planning you could turn an ordinary evening into an extraordinary adventure!

This guide offers everything you need to know about shooting stars in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, from how to identify them to maximizing willpower.

What are Shooting Stars in Animal Crossing?


Shooting stars are a rare yet mesmerizing sight in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, when small twinkling meteors make a mesmerizing display across the night sky. Meteor showers can often be heard being announced by either Villagers or Isabelle during island announcements; when shooting stars appear randomly throughout the night players have the unique opportunity of making wishes upon them!


Where to find Shooting Stars in Animal Crossing New Horizons? Meteor Showers

Shooting stars may not be common occurrences, but when they do appear they make for a spectacular show in the night sky. Meteor showers create this spectacular sight – usually occurring after days without rainfall – on clear or partially cloudy nights between 7 pm and 4 am, though no set schedule can be followed to predict when these meteor showers may appear.

There are two ways to predict a meteor shower:

  • Celeste’s Visit: The wise owl astronomer, Celeste, plays a key role. Her presence on your island guarantees a meteor shower that night. Look for her wandering around the museum; she’ll be there sometime between 7:00 PM and after.
  • Villager Tips: Sometimes, your fellow villagers may drop hints about an impending meteor shower during their daily conversations. Keep these friendly early warnings in mind.

However, just because Celeste may be gone doesn’t necessarily preclude a shower – light drizzle could still hit without him stopping by! Therefore it is always advisable to look upward on clear nights, particularly following periods of drought or weather-related dryness.

How to wish on Shooting Stars in Animal Crossing?

Once you’ve confirmed a meteor shower is happening, it’s time to prepare for your wishing spree! Here’s how to maximize your experience:

  1. Finding an unobstructed view: For optimal stargazing experiences on an island, open spaces such as beaches or plazas offer unobstructed views of the night sky – ideal places for seeing shooting stars clearly!
  2. Make an unburdened wish: In order to grant one, when an important shooting star appears it is essential that your hands remain free when viewing it in the sky.
  3. Look Up and Press A! : When you spot a shooting star, quickly tilt the right joystick upwards so as to focus on it directly. A white outline will appear around it to indicate you can make your wish. Pressing A will send it off into space! You will hear an audible twinkle as your wish has been sent into it!
  4. Patience Is Key: Meteor showers don’t fall all at once – there will likely be periods between sightings. Don’t get discouraged; keep an eye out and be ready to react swiftly if a meteor shower arrives!
  5. Wishing on Multiple Stars: As with meteor showers, you may make multiple wishes in one go during each meteor shower. As each wish takes only seconds to cast, act quickly and attentively so as to increase your odds.

What Happens After Wishing?

As soon as you make your wishes, keep an eye out for a pleasant surprise the following day on your island’s beaches; glittery star fragments may have washed ashore representing physical manifestation of those wishes and used for creating magical DIY recipes!

FAQ: Shooting Stars in Animal Crossing


Q: I don’t see Celeste, but there are shooting stars! Is it a meteor shower?

A: That is certainly possible! Celeste can guarantee an increased chance of meteor showering; but sometimes you might still witness light precipitation even without her present. Keep wishing!

Q: How many Star Fragments can I get in a night?


A: The number of Star Fragments depends on the intensity of the meteor shower and how many wishes you make. During a strong shower, you could get dozens of fragments.

Q: Can I wish for specific items with Star Fragments?

A: No, wishing on shooting stars doesn’t provide instant access to specific items; however, collecting Star Fragments could enable you to craft celestial-inspired items using DIY recipes.


Q: I can’t find any Star Fragments on the beach! What happened?

A: Before embarking on your search for fragments on the beach, first make sure they were thoroughly searched. Fragments could potentially be hiding behind objects or in the sand itself. If that fails, make sure that last night when making wishes upon shooting stars that it actually worked!

Q: Is time travel the only way to experience a missed meteor shower?

A: Not necessarily! Check online resources or communities dedicated to Animal Crossing to see if anyone is hosting a meteor shower on their island and visit it during its meteor shower event to make wishes and collect fragments.

Q: Do villagers get Star Fragments too?

A: No, only players can collect Star Fragments. However, villagers might comment on the meteor shower or ask you about your wishes the next day.

Q: Can I craft Zodiac Star Fragments into regular Star Fragments?

A: Unfortunately not. Zodiac Star Fragments are unique pieces and cannot be altered into other fragment types.

Q: Is there a way to increase the chances of getting Large Star Fragments?

A: There’s no confirmed way to guarantee Large Star Fragments. However, some players believe brighter shooting stars have a higher chance of yielding larger fragments.


Animal Crossing: New Horizons brings celestial magic to our island lives with shooting stars and meteor showers. Whether you’re making wishes for good luck or collecting star fragments to craft unique items, each cosmic event offers joy and wonderment. So keep an eye on the night sky, listen for announcements, and when your stars align, make your wish! After all, within Animal Crossing, “Wish upon a Star and Your Dreams Will Come True.”

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