Monster Hunter Now Weapon Tier List


Monster Hunter Now Weapon Tier List, the new mobile installment in the beloved Capcom franchise, brings the thrill of the hunt to your fingertips. Mastering the various weapons at your disposal is key to conquering the game’s fearsome monsters. This guide will introduce you to all six of the weapons in Monster Hunter Now, along with a tier list to help you choose the right one for your playstyle.

Understanding the Monster Hunter Now Weapon Types

Monster Hunter Now Weapon Tier List
  • Sword & Shield: This balanced weapon is ideal for beginners. It offers a good mix of offense & defense, with the shield allowing you to block incoming attacks while the sword delivers quick flurries of damage. The “perfect rush combo” special skill lets you unleash a devastating series of strikes.
  • Great Sword: A powerhouse weapon for experienced players, the Great Sword trades defense for devastating swings. It takes time to charge its attacks, but a successful hit can cripple even the toughest monsters. The “true charged slash” special skill is perfect for delivering maximum punishment.
  • Long Sword: This weapon rewards an aggressive playstyle. As you land hits, you’ll fill a spirit gauge that boosts your attack power. The “spirit helm breaker” special skill lets you launch into the air & slam down with a powerful overhead strike.
  • Hammer: For those who prefer blunt force trauma, the Hammer is the weapon of choice. It’s slow but methodical, allowing you to smash through monster parts with ease. The “spinning bludgeon” special skill unleashes a whirlwind of attacks, while the “KO Strike” can knock monsters unconscious, creating valuable openings.
  • Light Bowgun: If you prefer ranged combat, the Light Bowgun offers a safe & customizable option. You can choose from various ammo types to target different monster weaknesses. The “wyvernblast counter” special skill lets you unleash a powerful explosive blast that can devastate even the most formidable foes.
  • Bow: The Bow offers a mix of precision & ranged damage. You can charge your shots for maximum power, but this requires careful timing to avoid getting hit by the monster. The “dragon piercer” special skill fires a mighty arrow that can pierce through a monster’s hide, dealing massive damage.

Monster Hunter Now Weapon Tier List

While all weapons are viable in Monster Hunter Now, some offer greater advantages, especially for beginners. Here’s a tier list to help you get started:


  • Sword & Shield: This well-rounded weapon offers excellent offense & defense, making it a great choice for players of all skill levels.
  • Light Bowgun: The safety of ranged combat combined with high damage output makes the Light Bowgun a top pick.


  • Long Sword: Rewarding for aggressive players, the Long Sword’s high damage potential makes it a great option for skilled hunters.
  • Bow: Offering high damage at a safe distance, the Bow is another solid ranged weapon choice, but mastering its timing is crucial.


  • Hammer: The Hammer’s slow attack speed can leave you vulnerable, but its part-breaking ability & KO potential make it a situational powerhouse.


  • Great Sword: While the Great Sword boasts immense power, its lack of defensive options & slow attack speed make it a high-risk weapon, especially for new players.

Mastering the Art of the Hunt: Tips & Tricks for Each Weapon

Monster Hunter Now Weapon Tier List

Now that you’ve familiarized yourself with the different weapons in Monster Hunter Now, let’s delve deeper into some practical tips & tricks to help you master each one:

Sword & Shield:

  • Perfect your combos: The “perfect rush combo” is this weapon’s bread & butter. Practice stringing together attacks seamlessly to maximize damage output.
  • Learn to counter: Use the shield to guard against monster attacks, then immediately follow up with a counterattack for an advantageous opening.
  • Elemental Mastery: Don’t underestimate the power of elemental damage! Exploit your monster’s weaknesses by switching between Sword & Shield variants with different elements.

Great Sword:

  • Positioning is key: The Great Sword’s slow attacks leave you vulnerable. Learn a monster’s attack patterns to time your charges effectively & avoid getting caught off guard.
  • Utilize Focus Gauge: The Focus Gauge allows you to charge your attacks even faster. Learn to manage it effectively to unleash devastating charged slashes more frequently.
  • Rolling Dodges are your Friend: While the Great Sword lacks a shield, mastering the rolling dodge can help you evade enemy attacks & reposition yourself for offense.

Long Sword:

  • Maintaining Spirit Gauge: The Long Sword’s power scales with your Spirit Gauge. Focus on landing combos to keep the gauge filled for maximum damage.
  • Mind the Overhead Slash: The “Spirit Helm Breaker” is a powerful move, but remember it leaves you vulnerable during the animation. Use it strategically when you know the monster is open.
  • Foresight Slash is a Lifesaver: The “Foresight Slash” lets you perform a perfect counter if timed correctly. Mastering this move can help you avoid damage & punish the monster with a powerful counterattack.


  • Positioning for KO: The Hammer excels at stunning monsters. Learn their weak points to land KO blows & create valuable openings for your team.
  • Utilize the environment: Use environmental objects like walls & ledges to your advantage. You can perform a devastating “wall slam” attack that can significantly damage a monster’s head.
  • Don’t be greedy: The Hammer’s slow attack speed can be tempting to spam. Be patient, wait for the right opportunity to strike, & maximize your damage output.

Light Bowgun:

  • Ammo Management: There are different ammo types – learn which ones are most effective against specific monsters. Don’t waste precious ammo on resistant foes!
  • Master the Wyvernblast: The “wyvernblast counter” is a powerful tool. Learn to integrate it into your combos to deal significant burst damage.
  • Positioning & Cover: Utilize cover & maintain a safe distance from the monster. Ranged combat allows for more strategic movement, so leverage it to your advantage.


Monster Hunter Now Weapon Tier List
  • Sharpshooting Mastery: The Bow rewards precise aiming. Practice hitting weak points for maximum damage & exploit elemental matchups for even greater effect.
  • Charging Wisely: Don’t just charge every shot. Learn to balance quick, uncharged shots with powerful charged attacks for optimal damage output.
  • Dodging is Crucial: While the Bow offers good range, it doesn’t have a shield. Mastering dodge mechanics is essential to avoid getting hit by monster attacks.


By understanding the strengths & weaknesses of each weapon, combined with these practical tips, you’ll be well on your way to conquering the monstrous foes of Monster Hunter Now. Remember, practice makes perfect! Experiment with different weapons, hone your skills, & discover the playstyle that brings you the most hunting glory!

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