How to find Linus’ Basket in Stardew Valley


How to find Linus’ Basket in Stardew Valley: Stardew Valley is full of friendly faces and rewarding quests, one being to help Linus the mountain hermit find his lost blackberry basket. While this task might appear straightforward at first, some players may need help finding it and earning Linus’ gratitude – do not fear, fellow farmers! This guide provides everything necessary for finding Linus’ treasured item with ease!

The Quest Trigger: Blackberry Blues

Linus’ basket quest becomes available during Fall on the 8th day. Linus will send a letter outlining his frustration over losing his blackberry basket right when harvesting season has started, requesting help in retrieving it. With empathy and an eye for detail in mind, you’re prepared to begin this quest and offer Linus some assistance!

How to find Linus' Basket in Stardew Valley

How to find Linus’ Basket in Stardew Valley


The key to finding Linus’ basket lies in a small, often overlooked area – the Backwoods. Here’s How to find Linus’ Basket in Stardew Valley

  • Head east from your farm to reach the bus stop.
  • Instead of taking the bus, take a peek to the left of it for something completely unexpected and unexpected: an unassuming path leading into an almost undiscovered area; this is known as The Backwoods.
  • As you follow a paved road through the area keep an eye out for clusters of bushes on either side and a tunnel entrance on the left.

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The Basket in Plain Sight

Linus’ basket is not cleverly concealed; rather it sits tucked amongst bushes near the mouth of his tunnel. You should easily be able to spot its distinctive weave upon knowing where it can be found; simply interact with it to collect and add it to your inventory.

A Reward Beyond Riches


Though this quest does not bring financial gain, its real purpose lies elsewhere: building your friendship with Linus. Returning his basket increases both levels of friendship between you, opening new dialogues with him and deepening understanding about this often misunderstood character.

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Additional Tips for the Savvy Farmer

Blackberry Bonanza: As you search for your basket in the Backwoods, keep an eye out for blackberry bushes which dot its paths – this season offers you ample chances to harvest these for additional resources and profit!


Fall is the Key: Remember, the Linus Basket quest is only available during the Fall. If you miss it during this specific season, you’ll have to wait until next fall to help him.

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Final Words

Linus’ lost basket quest may appear simple at first glance, yet its significance runs deeper. By returning his basket you will not only earn his trust and contribute to Stardew Valley’s heartwarming community spirit. So the next time Autumn hits Stardew Valley keep an eye out for Linus and look out for his missing basket as your act of kindness could go far in this captivating and unforgettable game!

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