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best assassin creed game has quickly made an indelible mark in gaming culture. Combining historical fiction with action-adventure gameplay, its immersive games span from sun-kissed Italian Renaissance to Viking Age brutality – but picking your “desired” game may prove challenging & subjective. With such an extensive catalog to choose from.

Nostalgia Versus Innovation in best assassin creed game

best assassin creed game

At first glance, players typically consider “perfect” Assassin’s Creed from two main perspectives: nostalgia & innovation. For some fans of nostalgia may prefer first generation games that pioneered fluid parkour gameplay mechanics: parkouring with precision parkourers, murders done tactically using special weapons, as well as engaging battles between Assassins & Templars alike. Others, though, seek innovative titles with novel gameplay components, vast worlds, or deeper game mechanics as ideal versions.

The Original Assassins (2007-20111)


Fans who treasured the original series’ roots take special pleasure in remembering its first three titles as being especially notable. In 2007, Assassin’s Creed introduced players to Altair Ibn-La’Ahad, an energetic assassin patrolling Jerusalem city streets with ease & speed. His simple goal of targeting, penetrating, & eliminating made this gameplay loop frenetic while its historical backdrop gave this experience vibrancy & life.

Assassin’s Creed II (2009) dramatically advanced this formula & introduced Ezio Auditore da Fiernze as an endearing protagonist, traversing Renaissance Italy. Additionally, side missions, collectibles, more intricate storyline elements, side missions with collectibles as well as side mission updates helped establish brand’s identity further. Brotherhood (2010) saw further expansion to these features with multiplayer capabilities available throughout Rome that players could explore further.

A New Era Is Here: Accepting Change (2012-20)

best assassin creed game

Release of Assassin’s Creed III (2012) marked an inflection point, featuring an American Revolution setting & naval warfare elements which caused controversy but proved the franchise was ready & willing to experiment. Following this milestone release came Black Flag (2013) which fully utilized these marine aspects, turning Edward Kenway from reluctant pirate into engaging protagonist while making sea adventures the centerpiece of gameplay experience.

Shifting Sands: RPG Influence from 2017 onward


With Assassin’s Creed: Origins (2017), the series made an enormous leap forward with its open world set in Ancient Egypt combined with deep RPG mechanics such as skills trees & gear progression – creating an enthralling new direction in gaming. Subsequent games Odyssey (2018) & Valhalla (20-20) continued that trend by offering expansive worlds filled with activity as well as varied storylines that provided endless hours of gameplay entertainment.

Beyond Mainline Games: An Entire Universe to Explore

best assassin creed game

The Assassin’s Creed universe extends well beyond core games. Exciting new experiences await in two-dimensional side-scrolling adventure Assassin’s Creed Chronicles while mobile titles such as Assassin’s Creed Identity offer short adventures on-the-go.

Future of the Unseen Ones: Where Will We Head Next?

Ubisoft recognizes both traditional & new aspects are integral parts of gaming experience, as evidenced by their announcement that Ubisoft will focus more on parkour, social stealth, & an immersive, more focused game in Assassin’s Creed Mirage (2023).

Here are a few tools to aid in your travels:

  • Assassin’s Creed Wiki: This resource features extensive details about everything Assassin’s Creed from characters stories, locations & more – an exhaustive source that contains details for everything related to Assassin’s Creed. Visit it at:
  • Ubisoft Official Website: Keep informed with announcements, news & forthcoming releases from Ubisoft as the creators of Assassin’s Creed. Visit their official Ubisoft site here for updates:
  • Community Online: Interact with fellow players through forums, subreddits & social media platforms – discussing games you love most, theories to delve into & discovering hidden details in Assassin’s Creed world.

The Final Leap: Take up membership within Brotherhood for ultimate victory.

best assassin creed game

At its heart, Assassin’s CREED games should resonate deeply with its players, whether that means nostalgic feelings from old titles to expansive universes in new releases & naval warfare action- there’s sure to be one out there that speaks directly to you. So put on your hidden blade, become part of the Brotherhood & explore its depths. Experience amazing historical locales as you create your own path in this ongoing story arc.


  • Which Assassin’s Creed game reigns supreme? Unfortunately, there’s no definitive answer, each experience differs according to player preference & this guideline can help guide your choice:
  • Nostalgia Seekers may enjoy playing the Ezio Trilogy (Assassin’s Creed II Brotherhood & Revelations). These games serve as an accurate representation of the original Assassin’s Creed experience with its focus on play, stealth, social interaction & historic settings.
  • Play The Open World Explorer: Both Assassin’s Creed Odyssey & Valhalla offer vast, breathtaking landscapes for exploration. There is also an assortment of branching narratives & RPG mechanics. Both provide immersive adventures.
  • Naval enthusiasts rejoice. Set sail with Assassin’s Creed V: Black Flag on an adventure through the oceans that offers ship customization, naval battles & pirate adventures.

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