Alone in the dark safe code in 2024


Alone in the dark safe code, an original title within the genre of survival horror, throws your body into a castle that is encased by mysteries. In the role of Edward Carnby, you navigate through a dangerous environment that is populated with terrifying creatures as well as cryptic problems. In the midst of these dangers are the safes locked, which are enticingly containing crucial items and clues. However, don’t doubt about it, brave seeker. This guide will provide readers with the abilities needed to crack the codes to unlock the mysteries in.

Two primary safety features you’ll find during Alone in the dark safe code:

Alone in the dark safe code
  • Clerk’s Room Safe: located in the rear in the Clerk’s Room, this safe contains the key to Gray’s Office, a crucial place to progress throughout the game.
  • Warehouse Safe Hidden in the Warehouse Safe, it contains ammunition, as well as other essential supplies.

Contrary to other games in which codes are displayed in a glaring manner or follow a common style, Alone in the Dark needs a little bit of detective task. The codes of the safes are hidden in the surroundings in anticipation of being discovered by any player who is observant.


Here’s the breakdown of how you can understand the codes on each safe:

Clerk’s Room Safe in Alone in the dark safe code:

Alone in the dark safe code
  1. Review Your Home and Surroundings The first place you should go to be the counter within the Clerk’s Room. You’ll see an entry titled “To Open Safe.” This note holds the key for cracking the code.
  2. Understanding the Note: The note reads: “The key to Gray’s office lies within. Remember, Patience is a virtue (4). Curiosity can be deadly (1). Trust is a burden (3).”

These seemingly innocuous words are the key to the safe. Every bracketed number is the number of the safe’s dial.

  1. Translation of the Clues When you put it all together the code to the Clerk’s Room safe is 4-1-3. Turn the dial counterclockwise to 4then turn it clockwise until 1, then reverse-clockwise until 3. After entering the right combination the safe will be opened, showing the code into Gray’s Office.

Warehouse Safe in Alone in the dark safe code:

Alone in the dark safe code
  1. Uncovering the Secret: Finding the code to open the Warehouse safe will require a bit additional research. Go to the room in which the safe is. There’s a cupboard inside this area that houses the code. The code cannot be easily seen.
  2. Shine a Light In order to reveal the secret code, you’ll have to search for an item that’s called “All His Things.” The item is available early in the game. After you’ve added it to your inventory, you can equip it and go through the cabinet mentioned above. Once you’ve got the item the inscription is likely to be visible on the cabinet’s back wall once you have a lighting source onto the cupboard.
  3. Interpreting the Inscription The inscription is a display of”454″, a number “454” but with cryptic instructions next to each number: “What is left,” “Later is right,” and “Hell is back again.”
  4. The Message is Decoded: This inscription is an imaginative play on words. “What” refers to “left,” “Later” refers to “right,” and “Hell” is a reference to moving “back” (counter-clockwise). Thus, the security code is translated into “left” (4) – – Right (5) and left (4).

Following these tips while carefully looking over the surroundings, you’ll be in a position to break the codes to both safes Alone in the Dark. Keep in mind that the secret lies in observational vigilance and understanding the clues that are presented in the surroundings.


Extra Tip: While not technically an appropriate code for security, there’s another opportunity you can find when you’re Alone in the Dark. Within the Library there’s an obscure passageway hidden in the bookshelf behind. For access to this area it is necessary to turn three levers in the bookshelf compatible to specific symbols like three skulls, a spider or bat. When you look carefully at the bookshelf, you’ll be able to see the symbols inscribed on specific books. By matching the symbols on the levers to those discovered in the books gives access to a secret access point.

The Importance of Safe Codes in Alone in the dark safe code

Alone in the dark safe code

The safes featured in Alone in the Dark serve not just as assets. They also play an essential part in the story. A key from the safe of the Clerk’s Room safe opens Gray’s Office, which contains an entry in the diary that contains vital details regarding the past of the mansion and the incidents that occurred within it. Also, the items from the Warehouse safe could be vital to fend off the terrifying monsters you come across during the course of your game.

Beyond the Basics: Advanced Safe-Cracking Strategies

Although this guide focuses on two of the main security features in Alone in the Dark, there are more sources available to players looking to recieve a better comprehension of the game’s secrets. These are some sources for the true gamer:

  • Walkthroughs and Online Guides: Numerous websites and online communities have thorough walkthroughs for Alone in the Dark, as well as comprehensive guides to every safe code and hidden puzzles. They can be extremely helpful to players stuck, or just would like to assure that they’ve not overlooked any hidden treasures.
  • Community Forums Community forums online devoted specifically to Alone in the Dark can be great places to meet other players, discuss strategies, and discover more about the game. The forums often feature specific threads to discuss the safest codes and ways to solve different problems.
  • Classic Game Sources: Websites specializing in classic games typically give in-depth descriptions of specific titles such as Alone in the Dark. They may prepare deep analysis of the game’s mechanisms as well as secrets and most importantly, secure codes.

The Legacy of Safe Codes in Gaming


The usage of secure codes in video games is now a standard feature in the game genres of adventure and puzzle. Alone in the Dark stands in its own unique way of by seamlessly integrating codes to the setting and the narrative. In requiring players to interact with the environment and figure out clues, the game transforms the simple task of cracking an open safe to be a thrilling game of puzzle solving.

A Final Word

The game’s secure codes prove its long-lasting appeal. The codes require gamers to consider their options & thoroughly explore the world around them as well as appreciate the innovative integration of puzzles into the story. If you’re faced with an unlocked safe within the dark hallways at Derceto Manor, remember this guide to unleash your detective spirit. The hidden secrets are waiting for you.

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